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Anyone hear/read anything about an upcoming firmware update?


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Apr 7, 2014
I guess I'm becoming a little bit bored while waiting for apps to appear and additional features to be implemented. It seems like this thing can do SO much more but just....doesn't.

Reminder: If anyone with a Neo that cannot access the Watch Styler and can gain access to a Gear 2, you can download the styler to your phone from samsung apps while synced to the 2. Create a backup in gear manager settings, unpair the 2, reset your neo before pairing with gear manager, then sync and load up that backup that was just created. The watch styler app will then appear in gear manager - home screen styler-clocks. Watch styler must be downloaded from the app store officially vs the side loaded apk on a galaxy s5 and neo. This is a quick work around for someone that really wants watch styler before tizen/samsung fixes this. SOON I hope.
Both the 2 and your neo will be reset to factory of course. I did mine at a best buy while troubleshooting. This process is at your own risk, as is everything you do with your watch :)

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