Anyone using e-sim and sim on a dual sim model?


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Dec 18, 2014
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I've used many dual sim models in the past but have a few questions for anyone currently using 1 e-sim and 1 physical sim.

Firstly, for anyone that may be using this combination do you still have access to the expandable storage? This was a problem in the past with using 2 physical sims since you would obviously forfeit the microSD slot with your 2nd sim. But my assumption is that since you are using only 1 physical sim you should theoretically have access to the expandable storage now.

Are you required to have the physical sim in a specific slot in the tray? Or can it go in either one?

I've heard all you need to do is scan the QR code on the e-sim voucher to begin e-sim setup. Sounds easy. Any idea if this should be done prior to setting up the phone or if it can be done after? I ask this because years ago when I bought a Note 7 I spent a solid 5 or 6 hours porting everything over from my S6 and setting it up. Then I put in the sim card and it factory reset the phone (apparently this is a security feature). I'd like to avoid that again lol.

Thanks to whoever can answer these!