Apk not installing and SuperSU not granting!!!


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Dec 11, 2014
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Hi fellow Android Citizens,

i have come to report and solved an error in what seem to take 18hours of my time. The problem is 3rd party Apk not installing as the INSTALL button can't be clickable but the CANCEL button works only. Also the SuperSU's GRANT button wont work either. Yes, my phone is rooted, and it is a Galaxy Note 3 with KitKat 4.4.2. Now, my phone was working till this problem occurred, since i am a App download junky eventually something will go wrong. With the massive researches online, i realized the last problem in forums that are similar to mine, was dated from 2012 to early 2014. The only thing i got from old resolve forums were, apps that might had caused the problem such as BLUE LIGHT FILTER which as like an overlay invisible screen, TALKBACK which runs in the Application Manager's ALL, and the whole reboot phone or recovery mode...doesn't work.

Relativity: At least with old forums, it was logical to say there might had been an app that is blocking my INSTALL button from clicking. Always pay attention to related problems, they all leverages.

The problem: Here it is, the app that was causing the problem was "Copy Bubble" app. It is an app that copy any words or links, holds on to them and i can selectively paste them anywhere.

Solution: I closed it, went back to my 3rd apk apps, and the installation works. Also SuperSU works too. The only logic i can make is the development of Copy Bubble was either prematurely coded, it is a transparent invisibility that reads the whole screen on my Note 3, and every time i copy a word, that word actually swoosh in to the Copy Bubble icon in the foreground.

Conclusion: There it is, all done, phone is swell and i have to inform the DEV of that app. Remember, pay attention and all will be well. Cheers!

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