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Mar 12, 2014
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Everyone always have some private stuffs on phone that we'd like to own ourselves, like pictures, records, videos, audios. But how can we protect them when someone attempts to access them. This app help us to don't worry about this. We're building the system that protect all data on phone from pics, video, sms, app, records, docs, ?

The advantages of app than some apps on Google play:
1. Support audio, record protection,sms,call log, apps
2. Encrypted time for the video which size is over 1Gb, just about 15 seconds

Main features:
1. Pictures: All files will be encrypted into a private place, can only be showed in ARIS Smart HiddenBox after entering the correct password.
2. Records, Audios, Videos: the same functions like pictures
3. Backup & restore: we could create the data backup and could restore on another devices that installed ARIS Smart HiddenBox
4. Automatic restore: we have some encrypted data on our app. But unfortunately, someone uninstalled this app. And it will restore automatically all encrypted data, if we reinstall it.

Update version 1.1
1. Encrypte PIN before saving.
2. Improve the speed to change switch screen when login.
3. Support Hide a large file (>6GB)
4. Improve loading performance, scroll speed.
5. Show confirm dialog to notify user when there are something error(back up, restore,..)
6. Change logic for auto backup: if there are some error occur when hide/unhide files (sdcard full), users unsinstall app, install app again, the previous hidden files remain.

Update version 2.0
New function
1. Hide SMS : hide selected SMS
2. Hide Call logs : hide selected call logs
3. Lock App.
4. Open Camera and hide picture,video,audio that are captured from it
Improve function
1.Improve the speed to hide/ unhide files
2.Allow users choose mode to hide
3.Specific location on SDCard
4.Allow cancel hiding files process when hiding.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arisvn.arissmarthiddenbox


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