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Nov 8, 2011
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I create that thread to present you a little game to have fun with your friends during parties. Spin The Bottle is a very simple implementation of the classical game Spin The Bottle and is freely available on Google Play Store : https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...s?id=com.ssaurel.spinthebottle&token=39wwI82Q


You can discover Spin The Bottle in action on Youtube :

No needed anymore to have a real bottle to play to Spin The Bottle now !

Spin the bottle is a party game in which several players sit/stand/kneel in a circle. A bottle is placed on the floor in the center of the circle. A player spins the bottle, and must kiss the person to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning.

Some screenshots :

* Main Screen :


* Spin the Bottle :


With Spin The Bottle, you can use your device (smartphone or tablet) to play to Spin The Bottle with your friends. No needed anymore to have a real bottle now.

Put your device on the floor and touch the screen. And you just have to wait the Bottle chooses a direction when it stops spinning.

This application is the result of a tutorial showing you how to create the game Spin The Bottle. The complete tutorial can be found on Youtube :

If you want to support my work and my tutorials, you can also buy the Pro version just here : https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...=com.ssaurel.spinthebottle.pro&token=y54CY0dE

Don't hesitate to give me your feedbacks or ideas to improve Spin The Bottle.