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Oct 7, 2013
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I currently use a few different apps for daily life management, but am looking for something that is integrated and all-in-one!

I use Note Everything for most of my notes on my phone, as you can store a note with a title, then a list of things within it. You can also do voicenotes, create folders, search, import/export and prioritise notes.

I use Out Of Milk for my shopping lists. I like this for the layout and functionality. You can create different shopping lists for different things, and Tick items off, and re-enable them when you need to re-add to the list. This is very handy as you can keep track of ?reoccurring items?. The auto complete feature and voice commands are also quite handy.

For reminders, I use Life Reminders, as this creates intrusive, bold and reliable reminders, so can stop what I?m doing and do what the reminder says! It also allows you to snooze for different periods of time at the touch of a button, re-occur reminders, and keeps a history so you can re-active them when required.

These are all free, and all have their own nice features, however what I?d really like is something that can do all this, with similar functionality in one app.

I?ve tried Evernote, but find it unintuitive and odd to use, so not sure about that. I also have a Galaxy Note 8.0, which I use S-Note on, but that?s mainly for brain dumps, big ideas, and using the S-Pen.

My current phone is an SE Xperia Mini-Pro, but I?m about to move to a Moto-G 16GB (running Rooted Kit-Kat). Hopefully I?ll also be able to migrate my notes / reminders etc over to a new app / phone!


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Jul 8, 2012
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I use Note Everything Pro for notes, shopping lists and reminders. The pro version has a 'durable checklist' type of note which is good for shopping lists, and you can attach a reminder to any type of note. It is one of my most used apps.


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Oct 9, 2012
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Google Keep. It has lists, notes, reminders, easy sharing.

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