[APP] City Traveler - powerful tool for European cities


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Jun 4, 2012
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City Traveler -tickets for public transport, journey planners and online/offline maps (with possibility of making your own offline map of any place). All in one makes travelling in 61 European cities easy and fast.

City Traveler is the app for everyone who is travelling in one of the 61 European cities. Doesn?t matter whether you are a tourist or local, this app can help you every time you need a ticket for public transport, offline or online map of any place of the world or journey planner to plan your trip.

The app offers you the most extensive database of public transport tickets on the market. It?s working on SMS purchase basis. You can select your city and desired type of ticket (every city is accompanied with detailed info, so you can choose the ticket that suits you best). After ordering a ticket, you receive SMS from public transit company which serves as a normal ticket.

The next feature is Offline/Online map with GPS navigation. City Traveler provides you with exclusive possibility of creating your own offline map of any place in the world. You can easily save your desired area into SD Card and then browse it in offline mode. You can also download ready-to-use offline maps of tens of cities in map?s main menu.

Finally you can plan your route for every single city with journey planners. All these three features make from City Traveler very powerful tool for travelling. Give it a try!