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Feb 28, 2014
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Hi guys,

Just released a new app called The Typist: Quick Typing Tests. As you may have guessed, it's a typing test app that measures your typing speed by having you type in excerpts from some famous books. The story: I was looking for something similar as my phone typing speed phone is atrocious (update: it's still atrocious, but now I can put a number on it). I couldn't find one that I liked, and decided to make one myself. It took about a month and a half.

screenshot3.png screenshot2.png screenshot1.png


  • Test your typing speed with different speed tests based on popular books
  • 1, 2, and 3 minute tests for the ultimate in typing test flexibility
  • Detailed results page: see your words per minute score, total number of errors, and most frequently mistyped letters
  • Track your progress with a chart of your past typing test results
  • Compete against your friends with a local high score list and Google Play Game Services leaderboards support
  • Compatible with different keyboard layouts - try them out with The Typist and see which ones actually help you type faster
  • Works well on both phones and tablets
  • Free updates and support for life
  • Small download: only 1.4 megabytes
  • No permissions necessary


The Typist is free (ad-supported, one in-app purchase for removing the ads). No other permissions required except for ads/iap.

Let me know what you think! As well as any comments, questions, complaints, etc.

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