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Feb 3, 2011
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Hello, I present my new app for the weather where you are, simple, clear, and a minimalist interface.

anpWeather brings weather forecast to your Android phone in a clear, simple and concise interface. You just have to execute and geographically located anpWeather you introducing yourself weather forecast of the day along with a forecast for the next 4 days.
Among the data presented for the prediction of the day are:
? Geographic location giving the name of the town, region, country
? Current temperatures in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
? Description of the forecast
? Check weather data collection
? Amount of precipitation collected on the day if any
? Wind speed in kilometers per hour and miles per hour.
? Humidity
? Pressure
Along with this data also provides the minimum and maximum temperature for the following days included in the forecast.
anpWeather includes a search engine to know the weather forecast anywhere in the world including both day prediction of the next 4 days. In this case the data provided are the same as those available when the application you geographically located.
With prediction anpWeather have time on your hands including widget to put on your desktop or on the lock screen if you are using Android 4.2 or higher. Also included is the ability to take notification bar time the current status will be updated from time to time as you set in the options panel.




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