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Jan 21, 2017
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I wish to present to you my Jungle Music App.


Jungle Music is an educational game that lets you learn to read music notes in all clefs through a progressive, playful and instructive method, designed for beginner musicians and children age 5 and up.

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Each clef is divided into 20 levels of difficulty, allowing you to learn music notes at your own pace while having fun at the same time!
Earn stars by recognizing as many notes as possible.
Obtaining the 3rd star is timed and unlocks the next level.

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With Jungle Music, learning music notes becomes child's play!

An invaluable tool for learning music theory and solfege:
- Learn music notes in Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Baritone Clef, Soprano Clef, Mezzo-Soprano Clef, Alto Clef, Tenor Clef
- Reading on the staff, as well as reading under and above the staff
- Choose the writing of music notes among ( Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si ) / ( C D E F G A B ) / ( C D E F G A H )

More than words, a video is better ;)

For more information, and donwload, here is the link for the free version on the Play Store :

There also a full version (used for the video above) with unlocked features. Link on the play store :

I thank you in advance for your reviews, your comments or your ideas for improving my app ;)


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Jan 21, 2017
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I have made some updates in my app :
+ Up to 4 players to have fun with friends or family
+ More backgrounds to customize the app
+ Keyboard displaying for learning piano
+ 3 different instruments sounds
+ improved ergonomics
+ timer adjustment

Here is the new demo video :

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Jan 21, 2017
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After 5 months of presence on the Play Store, I am satisfied with the life of my app.
It meets its (small) success and the free version is more than 11,500 downloads with a guard rate of about 30%, which suits me perfectly (to be honest, I did not expect so much) .

Over the months, and following the feedback from my users, I have made some changes.
The last one is a graphic redesign which I would like to present to you here, with a video (better than screenshots):

Beyond this presentation, I would also like to share with you my feedback on communication and visibility on the Play Store.

Talking Communication, I was lucky to have among my users a quality manager of a large American firm.
He decided to coach me on a marketing level, so that when reading the app description in the play store, visitors want to download the app.
He summarized this concept in 3 words: What How Why.
This can be developped as :
- What is this app? What is its concept? What is its audience?
- What is its story ? / How does it work? / What is its principle?
- Why choose it? Why is the app better than the others?
According to him, a good description must answer these 3 points and end with a slogan.
It is only after that come the technical characteristics and all the blabla to generate keywords.

In addition to the words, the promotional banner must synthesize that What How Why.
Here is mine :

After following his advice and reviewing my description, I noticed a significant increase in downloads (my visitor/download ratio exceeds 35%).

Talking visibility on the Play Store, translation is a key point.
Because a lot of users don't speak english, it's better to speak to them in their mother tongue.
That's why both the app and its description must be translated.
I have made translation in English (I'm french), Portuguese, German, Spanish and Polish and the result is here, as my top 5 downloaders are :
1 USA (14.5%)
2 Brazil (10.5%)
3 France (9.5%)
4 Germany (7.8%)
5 Poland (4.7%)
Then come the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and all the countries of Latin America, then the rest of the world ...

I end this post by adding that you must always answer to your users when they contact you, and improve the app to meet their expectations.
It is true that we must also sometimes say "no" to them, but not frontally, we must remain positive in our remarks and find alternative solutions so that they remain satisfied.

I still have a lot of progress to make at the marketing level, because I am aware that I am far from having all the keys.
I am currently looking at the impact of colors on users (what colors are appealing, which ones are off-putting).

So ... to be continued ...


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Jan 21, 2017
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Hi Everybody,

I added an option into my app that allows users to send me an email for asking improvement.
That option gave me interesting feedbacks that I did not had through the rate/comment fields on the play store.
One of this feedback was to include points to materialize progress and response speed.
So I code it.
Here is the demo video of this update :

I also created a website for the app.
Here is the link : Learn how to read music notes with Jungle Music
Contrary to all the recommendations and good practices, I had delayed a lot before doing so.
So SEO in search engines is still very confidential and I can not assess the impact yet.

To be continued ...


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Jan 21, 2017
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Hi Everybody,

Talking stats, I saw that only about 40% users keep the app after 30 days.
I don't know if it's better or worst than other apps in the same category but I think I can do more.
It's true that my app may appear as a "one shot" app : once the user has completed the 20 levels on the island, why would he keep the app ?
How to make my app "infinite" ?
Brainstorming and ... I created a customizable level where the user can choose the music notes to work :
- at least 3 notes among those already learned
- or a random game
Perfect for daily training or for a time to time game

Here is the demo

I updated the app yesterday and I hope it will increase the keeping rate.
So ... To be continued ...

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