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Mar 17, 2024
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Notes, Notebook & Notepad by Keego is A Note-taking app that is Super Useful & Easy-to-use!

Quick & Simple Notes, Useful Notebook, Simple Color Notepad

Colorful Notes & Convenient Notepad with your favorite backgrounds. Backup & Sync Notes across multiple devices. Notes, Notebook & Notepad - WiseNote by Keego Makes your life simpler!

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Notes, Notepad & Notebook is a perfect match for anyone looking for a simple, quick note-taking app, but elegant, eye-catching & little bit colorful

Notes can be backed up and synced between many devices.
Note-taking app allows instant access from homescreen to take notes.
Color Note Labels help you organize notes according to intended use. Sticky Notes are pinned on the home screen, helping you always remember important information

Notes, Notepad & Notebook is a good friend who will accompany you with daily life, from school to work, even adventurous traveling!

Key Features of Notes, Notepad & Notebook

  • Note is Simple - Easy-to-use Notes: Super Quick Note. Automatically Save Notes in One-click
  • Notes: Suitable for taking a Shopping Checklist, School Notes, Meeting Notes, anywhere, anytime!
  • Feel bored with black & white notes? 7 colors for note labels and 99+ frequently updated background for you to choose, both in light mode and dark mode
  • Sticky Notes on Homescreen: Keep Notes in Mind! Notes are pinned on Homescreen to never forget important things
  • Exclusive Note Shortcut: instantly write down ideas, notes, anything when you touch the phone. Instead of taking so much time finding papers, which make you forget fleeting ideas, Notes, Notepad & Notebook help you take notes in a second, help you fly up with tons of breakthrough ideas!
Sticky Notes & Instant Note Shortcut
Notes, Notebook & Notepad give you quick access to write & edit notes from home screen by Widget - Sticky Notes. Fleeting ideas will be caught right away with immediate access from homescreen with Note Shortcut in one click.

Backup & Sync Notes
Notes can be backed up in Cloud, so you never worry about losing precious notes. Notes can even be synced between many Android devices, from phones to tablets. Take notes anytime, anywhere!

Notes Label
: 7 pastel color
Easy to organize your notes according to categories. Now it is even easier with 7 colors! Note Classification by Color has been seen as the so-far effective & useful way to labeling notes into different areas. Edit label name, free to change position, the Notebook & Notepad now looks much more organized with the color note classification!

Notes Background: 500+ aesthetic backgrounds
Not only 7 color notes, but we also offer 50+ more available light & dark aesthetic backgrounds to make your notepad & notebook more colorful. Note background will be updated frequently updated!

Notes Reminder
Set Note Alarm Reminder to get notification for important notes. Our note taking app will remind you on time. You can even custom time on a weekly, monthly basis.

Features of Notes, Notebook & Notepad
  • Take Quick Notes, Shopping list, Study notes. Check off box, to-do list, task
  • Rich Text Editor: Customize font color, size. Support bold, italic, underlined notes
  • Pin notes, archive, delete notes and restore notes
  • Readmode: This is a special mode, which locks all features to avoid accidental actions. Super safe and minimize the risk of losing notes by mistake.
  • Share notes with friends through all available apps in devices
  • Color Note, Sticky Notes on Home screen
  • Checkbox to know what things are done. Super useful for task-maker
  • Sizable (from 1x1 smallest to biggest size) widget on Home screen. Personalize Widget - Sticky Notes on Home screen to match your taste.
  • Light & Dark mode for night-time ideas & gentle for eyes
Notes, Notebook & Notepad is still in development and will updated many more features. We would welcome all feedback to email contact@keego.dev. We appreciate any words & keep moving forward to bring a better experience for users, so please look forward!

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