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Aug 25, 2013
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The most used apps

Quick access to recent/most used Apps with Ease, Favorite apps in notification.
DIESEL allows you to keep your home screens clean from app shortcuts by giving access to them from notification.

App provides quick access to your recently used apps and Most used apps from notification area. You can access your apps and switch between them from anywhere, without minimizing anything. If you like to keep your home screen icon free, DIESEL is a perfect solution for you.

The app gives you choice for the app shortcuts, you can select to see recently used apps or most used apps by you.
Many customization options, Icon packs Support, Unique Icon shapes and many more.

HTC Sense like Recent apps, but of course, it can be run on any device as long as it’s on Android 4 or greater. If you want to keep your home screen as clean as possible, Try DIESEL.

1. Blacklist unwanted apps
2. Option to choose Recent apps or most used apps.
3. Fully customizable! Change the number of shortcuts, icon color, icon size, background and more..
4. Unique Icon shapes
5. Icon pack supports (Nova, Apex, Go most of them)
6. Auto start on reboot
7. Material Design, Simple light UI with options those are easy to use.
8. No advertisements, no internet access.
9. Many customization options
10. Option to hide notification from Lockscreen
12. Usage Statistics
13. Long click to pin / unpin your favorite apps and shortcuts

Keywords: Recent apps, App Shortcuts, most used apps, Notification Shortcuts, Apps in notification, Shortcuts in Notification, Quick access to the apps, Material Design

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Suggestions and feedback are welcome ! : yogi.306@gmail.com
Use App "Send Suggestion" option to directly email me (Developer)

more apps on: YOGESH DAMA - Home
Thank you.
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