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Sep 22, 2023
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10,000+ Newest Call Themes 2023

Call Screen too boring and monotonous in the current?
And you wish:
✔️Color Phone to be a personal and unique experience, reflecting your relationship with relatives and friends in your contacts?
✔️Call screen themes more lively, attractive and create your own style?
✔️Colorful call screen themes for special and exciting moments?

Don't worry!Color Phone: Call Screen Themes will help you do that right now!!💞💞
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Color Phone - great call screen app that makes a difference for you. Call screen themes make your call screen more unique and interesting with various screen themes
Why should you use Color Phone:
🌈Be creative with over 10,000 themes for your call screen.
🌈Personalize incoming call screen to make color calls more special than ever
🌈Simple and easy to use screen call theme.
🌈Call screen for each person in the contact list
👉Turn the call screen on your phone into a lively, artistic one.

Color Phone features: Call screen themes?
🍀 10.000+ themes available for free with many different styles
🍀 22+ call screen themes including: Anime, Neon, Galaxy, Love, Hero, et
🍀 Theme options for each incoming call separately
🍀 Personalize your call screen with rich colors
🍀 Optional incoming call screen themes with videos, images and gifs available
🍀 How to adjust the Accept and Decline to answer button on the incoming call screen
🍀 Animated incoming call screen color effect
🍀 Color phone is easy to use
🍀 Preview call screen themes live with call screen
🍀 Automatically save data of used topics
🍀 Update theme screen and call button every week

Custom screen themes:
🚨Easily create your own incoming call screen for each contact
🚨10,000+ various free themes for call screen
🚨50+ exciting new call button animation sets
🚨Upload your own call wallpaper

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Sep 22, 2023
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Color Phone: Call Screen Theme
⚡Optional theme for each incoming call screen theme
Color Phone offers the ability to customize your call screen to give you a different experience. For each incoming call screen, you can choose a separate subject for each person in your contacts. That makes it possible to create a unique color for each person in your contacts.

🎨Personalize colorful calls your own way
Your screen call theme becomes more varied. You can add unique colors, effects, and images to everyone, creating a call screen like no other. That gives you a fun and fresh calling wallpaper experience.

🌟Customize your call screen according to your preferences and mood
Incoming call color phones allow you to customize your incoming call screen with stunning images and effects. Change the call wallpaper, choose from a collection of attractive themes.


Sep 22, 2023
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Version 1.3.2:

Color call flash:
🔎Flash Alert with vibration when there is an incoming color call flash, this reminds you not to miss any important calls.
🔦Color Phone flash is very useful for you when there is an incoming call theme in silent mode or in a dark environment..

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