[APP] Riddle Tower - A riddle app inspired by GodTower and NotPron


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Dec 6, 2022
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Hello everyone :)

Hopefully this post is not against the rules of the community. If something is off please let me know so i can remove it/fix it.

Riddle tower is a game i always wanted to make but having close to no free time it was really hard to start learning unity. The last 3 months i got some free time and now i published it at Google play store.

I understand this game is not for everyone but i am sure that everyone who played these kind of riddle games in the past will get a nostalgic feeling.

I am more than happy to listen to your feedback and also i can keep this thread as a small walkthrough to the game to help anyone who is stacked with some hints.

Have great day everyone.


You can find the game by searching "Riddle Tower" on google play store.