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Aug 22, 2012
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Self-Management of Personal Trainer / Physical Therapist - Manager Customer / Exercises

Excellent management application for any personal trainer / physiotherapist where he manages clients with the following exercises for a certain date "X".

Benefits and Features (Application Structure):

- Customer Master
- Register of Exercise

After you select a Client and enter that date in the "X" he performed certain exercises (including number of sets, repetitions, load training) and in another
day "Y" made ​​a new sequence of exercises.

All this is stored so you can pick the exercises performed previously.

In Search of exercises you can search by date or by Customer Name where results are instantaneous.

What's new?

New in this version: 1.0.2

- Introduction of two New Fields Fundamental exercises in "Type of Activity" and "Exercise Duration".
- In search of Exercises can search by Date, Customer Name, and type of activity where the results are instantaneous.
- In the details of Exercises appears the details of the new fields with their picture icons.
- The photos are on the list dimension 75x80.
- Listed appear all fields except the fields that are empty (if the personal trainer / physiotherapist need not fill in some fields as the activity you choose).
- List with New Design (Colour on text, icons New)
- Improved application Enough

Customers are not allowed to insert duplicates (Not to give conflicts with other clients).

[****** IMPORTANT ******]
- DPI Application: 240
- Requires No Internet Connection

Application Link: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...mFpci5wZXJzb25hbC50cmFpbmVyIl0&token=b4vdP8Du

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