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Feb 21, 2011
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The latest version V1.2 release now

V1.2 (2011-3-8)
1)"Battery service" and "2G/3G traffic counter" can be able to be toggled on/off;
2)"2G/3G traffic counter" have more time intervals (daily,weekly, monthly);
3)Add the Ignore option in "Task Killer" (If there are some apps like twitter u don't ever want to kill);
4)"Do not disturb" could be connected with date (working day or weekend);
1)Cut the "annoying" shortcuts.U will come to home page directly when tapping the icon in the notification area;
2)Vibrate only when silent mode ("Do not disturb");
3)Sort applications in the "App Lock","Task Killer","App Manager".

V1.1 (2011-3-2)
1)Fixed app lock can't work out on Android 2.3;
2)Fixed app crash when tapping on the "more detail" in traffic counter on some mobile models;
3)Fixed app manager crash bug;
4)Added native app traffic data in the "more detail" in traffic counter

This is a toolbox to enhance your Android phone.Tell you about battery information,network data usage in real time.Having it ,you can keep phone silent or offline automatically in the preset time range,and make the phone running as fast as possible by killing running apps! Also,you can lock apps like Gmail,Messaging,etc to protect your personal privacy and give more free space to the internal phone storage by batch moving apps to SD or batch uninstalling apps.
Having ZDbox, Wow! So easy!

Battery Information??
★battery percentage;
★remaining time;
★battery usage report;

Traffic Counter??
★used traffic data;
★remaining data of monthly data package;
★data usage of every app;

Do not Disturb??
Set a time range to keep phone silent or offline automatically.
★silent mode
★airplane mode
★connect with date

App Lock??
Lock apps relate to personal privacy (apps like Gmail,messaging,etc)
★Really useful and interesting. Have a try?

Task Killer??
The faster the better!
★kill all running apps
★kill selected apps
★show the number of running apps and free memory

App Manager??
Internal phone storage want more free space!
★Batch Move
★Batch Uninstall

Tell a friend if you like ZDbox. Really thanks:)
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