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Apps for Android and iPhone - iPhone has unfair advantage

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I recently ported from Windows Mobile and I chose Android. I decided to go with a Blackberry Key2 because of the physical keyboard. I loved the old RIM handsets. That being said, the plethora of apps on Android vs Windows is amazing! First class support - whoo hoo!

Now me and the wife (iPhone 6s) can play the same games and compete per say. We've downloaded a number of games and started playing. Some share the same leaderboard across platforms while others don't. That doesn't stop us from competing.

Now the problem: We play the same games, but they behave differently across platforms. I've noticed that android the games are harder while on iPhone it is freaking easy mode.

I bet you want some examples:


Android - you can crash in the walls.
iPhone - you automatically turn.

Merge Plane - planes generation money in powers of 2.

Android - Level 1 plane gets 22 gold.
iPhone - Level 1 planes gets 24 gold

Level 2 runway bonuses are applied on both.

Remember the old saying. Double a penny for a month and you'll become a millionaire. Every extra piece of gold is a huge advantage over the longer run.

Thankfully the leaderboards are separate but it doesn't help my situation.

What other games have ya'll found that does this?


Jul 14, 2011
Huh... interesting. I've never compared games across platforms like that (although I SWEAR Enter the Gungeon is harder and less items are dropped on Switch that the PC counterpart), but it's a fair point. Sucks if that's the case, though...


Trusted Member
Feb 23, 2011
This is something that should be brought up to the developers. I can understand some differences such as resolution limitations or cloud sync options due to hardware/OS differences. But to award different credits or whatever on different platforms is something the developers would have direct control over. So I doubt this is an Android issue per se.

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