Apps Icon disappeared from homescreen, why is this happening?

Shadow Phantom

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Jul 27, 2015
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Apps Icon disappeared from homescreen

So I have this new smartphone, it's Vivo Y28 (android version: 4.2.2), and the issue is..... When I moved an app from the homescreen to the "trash can" I can no longer see it from the homescreen, I can see the app is still installed and sometimes I get notification from the app, but I can't find the icon to start the app from the homescreen. The app is enabled and it is accessible when you click on the notification, the app will start automatically.

But the problem is..... When you got no notification from the app, you can't start the app because the launcher icon is nowhere to be found in the homescreen. I don't know how to get the launcher icon back there.

I want to uninstall it and then reinstall it again, but the apk file (installer file) was deleted (accidentally by me) and I downloaded it from the internet instead of the play store, and I just can't find it again somehow....

So is there a way to get those launcher icons back to the homescreen, because the problem doesn't lie with just that one app, but for other apps that I removed from the homescreen, and so I have to reinstall them to my phone again in order to have their launcher on my screen....


Jul 14, 2011
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Re: Apps Icon disappeared from homescreen

What launcher are you using? If you delete an icon from your Homescreen that just deletes the shortcut to it, but it should be still accessible through the App Drawer (different thing from Homescreens, this is the full list of your installed applications). Some launchers have the option to hide apps, but I doubt any of them use the Trash Can icon to hide, rather than delete shortcut from homescreen or uninstall if used from the App Drawer.

For most launchers, the App Drawer is usually a button smack in the middle at the bottom of your homescreens.