Apps not really transfering to SD?


Aug 5, 2015
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Hi guys, I have a quick (probably stupid) question.
So I have this Samsung Tablet with Android 6.0.1 (it's a Tab A 2016 10.1")

I got a 32 gb SD card today but I can't get apps to really move to it.
I know not all apps allow to be moved to the SD card but several do, yet despite me "moving" them it's like they are only transfering a tiny part of the data to the SD card

For example:

Under aplication manager I go to Lara Croft Go (which is about 500mb) I move it to the SD card, it transfers ok and then it says "using 500mb of the external storage".
Yet if I go to the storage tab on the settings menu it will tell me that only 30mb are in use. Meanwhle the internal storage doesn't free up.

And it's the same with every app. I just moved 1.5gb worth of apps to the SD card yet in the storage menu it's showing that I'm only using 120mb on the card.
I understand that mabye you can't move the entire app to the external storage and that some files might need to be stored internally. I also understand that it might depend on the app and some might move more content than others. But I just moved around 6 apps and literally all of them transfered less than 10% of their size to the SD card.

This doesn't seem normal


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
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Listen to Nahoku, he knows his stuff! You're better leaving the apps in one piece on the device and moving pics and videos to card..
There is no such thing as a stupid question, feel free to ask anything, we probably all asked the same thing in the past! Welcome to the forums 😊