Archos gen 8 101 hhgreg warranty


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Dec 8, 2009
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Hey guys i bought an archos 101 a while ago and until recently have been pretty unhappy with it lack of google apps intergration took forever to get flash have to tweak everything just to get it to work decently but thats besides the point my question was really concerning hhgreg and their psp warranty. The tablet will still function fine im listening to pandora on it now but the screen wont always come on it takes at least 20 presses of the power/wake button to get the screen on,when i bought it from hhgreg they sold me the psp warranty which was 130 dollars when the tablet was 300 but they said they covered accidental damage and basicly everything even if there was a newer model out and something went wrong with mine during the two year period that they would give me the new model. Im 5 months in and the screen wont come on and the gen 9s are about to launch ive dealt with hhgreg before with mp3 players years ago and they were great about replacing them, i was wondering if you all think they would give me the gen 9 if i waited to make a claim until they launched and make good on their offer or if they would stick me with another gen 8. Has anyone dealt with hhgreg? and how is their customer service?


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Mar 21, 2010
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No idea about the warranty question, but something is definitely wrong. May I make a few recommendations?

1. Get Android Market on there. should be helpful in getting the official Android Market on your device, unofficially.
2. Before you do that, you should reset Android on there. It will delete everything ad you will be starting from scratch. After I did it when my tablet was acting goofy it worked better that ever.
3. Finally, use a custom launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher Ex. These launchers work better than the stock one.

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