Are there any cases that play nice with Qi charging on Note 4 besides the s-view flip case?


Dec 21, 2010
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Qi charging uses induction field between the phone's special Qi cover and a Qi-enabled charger mat. The phone's cover and the charger mat must be able to communicate, because half the circuitry is inside the cover and the other half is inside the mat. Cases with regular covers will not work with Qi charger mats as half the circuitry is missing. So the answer is you need to have a compatible cover for the phone and a compatible charger mat to make it work.


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Jan 21, 2012
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Re: Any cases that play nice with Qi charging on Note 4 besides the s-view flip case

I dont know if I am just getting unlucky searches but I cant seem to find any case out there besides the s-view flip case that works well with the Qi wireless charging for my Note 4 (Verizon). I bought the Qi charging back cover replacement and a Qi charging pad from Samsung. Does anyone know of any? And to be honest, I dont know if cases even interfere with the Qi charging, I would assume they have the ability to block it or make it not work right. I would like a lifeproof case but open to any and all suggestions.

From my experience with the Note 3, the Note 4 is the same way there Samsung Wireless charging back is thicker than the stock back so makes cases difficult to find. It will charge through the case but the case won't fit well because the phone becomes thicker with the charging back. One alternative is a bumper which doesn't cover the back so the thickness won't be a problem. The other alternative is instead of the Samsung wireless changing back, get a wireless charging card to put inside the phone behind the stock cover.It doesn't add as much thickness and you can use the stock Samsung cover. This is what I use under the standard cover:

Then over that I put it in a Seidio Surface case and it charges fine through the case:

SEIDIO | SURFACE with Metal Kickstand Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4