ART Will Replace Dalvik In The Next Android Version


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May 28, 2011
As an end user I wonder what changes we'll see. Improvements in battery life?

Smoother screen transitions?

Less lag?


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Feb 4, 2011
I read a technical article somewhere yesterday about that topic.

The end user is not app to notice any "real differences".

there will be "a slight speed advantage" that goes to ART. This is because at the time the app is installed, ART will compile running code and store that as the app.

that is contrary to how Dalvik does the job. The source code is stored and then it is compiled to running code "just in time". therefore, it gets recompiled over and over and forever for as long as we continue to use Dalvik.

google also has been smart. They delayed the release of ART until they made it backward compatible with the existing Dalvik apps.

In this manner, the developers will have a chance to upgrade at a reasonable pace.

ART is supposed to be more stable and have fewer conflicts internally, which should mean less app crashes.