As a Sprint customer, what are your thoughts on the Xperia Play coming to Verizon?


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Jul 7, 2010
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Don't get me wrong, I know sprint will announce next gen phones in due time, but thus far they haven't announced any (besides saying they would continue the Evo line).

On the flipside, we see Verizon lighting it up! Along with the four 4g handsets announced at ces, iphone 4, palm pre 2, and the droid series refresh (droid x 2, droid 3, dinc hd, etc), today we find out that Verizon is also getting the Playstation phone (Xperia play).

What are your thoughts on this? Do you wish/hope we can have more options on Sprint like Verizon? Were you hoping the Xperia play was coming to Sprint? Is Verizon taking over lol?


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May 2, 2010
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I too am hoping that Sprint announces some new killer phones. However, I have no personal interest in the Xperia play phone. I want a phone that can play games yet help me with work. Hopefully Sprint will announce something at CTIA, just my two cents


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Apr 18, 2010
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Sprint is following its recipe for waiting to announce stuff at CTIA. Personally I hope they will get the Galaxy S2, that screen just looks cool, it has new security features, and Touchwiz would be a nice change from HTC Sense. HTC didn't introduce anything groundbreaking yet so far at MWC, just a warmed over Desire and Incredible on non dual core processors. I am sorry, but when I buy a new phone, I want to see and feel the difference in performance.

As far as that playstation phone thing goes....seems like a waste. I mean, a Adreno 205 GPU? Really? For a gaming phone?


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Feb 3, 2011
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Xperia play was going to be announced on several US carriers wasn't it?

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? Link(s)?

The only way I would find the Xperia Play exciting is if Madden 12 got released for it and allowed online play over 3G AND Wimax.

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