as soon as bluetooth connects, media player starts


Nov 15, 2010
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This just recently started happening to me. I know this because I've used it previously without issue. Now, even if I start pandora and then get in the car, as soon as bluetooth kicks in and connects, it converts over to Music player and starts playing a random song. Then, to add insult to injury, this is the worst music player I've ever seen, whoever coded it should be locked up... there is no way to exit the music player. I literally have to open "system" and "kill" the music player or just pause it and let it run in the background.

So then I thought to myself "Fine, I'll just DELETE all 9Gig of music from my phone". So what does it now do? ...starts playing my ringtones since they are technically "audio" on the phone.

I'm wondering if, because I had doubletwist installed previously but have removed it, if I re-download it, maybe it'll prevent this from happening as it used to not happen. Just to clarify, when I HAD double twist, this did NOT happen. I have removed double twist and now it happens. I'm not sure these are correlated in any way but it's just a thought.

Anyone have a solution or workaround for this issue? I wish you could just remove the stock music app without rooting cause it's just simply aweful.

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