News Ask Jerry: Why doesn't Apple sell iOS to other companies?


Jun 2, 2023
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I don't like how Apple likes to restrict everything in a "garden wall" Microsoft & Google license their operating systems, but does not. As a result, you don't have choices of devices to choose from like you do with Android. Also, I don't like that they don't make their apps cross-platform as Google and Microsoft do, limiting to just iOS.
We should have a choice of what device to use the app and not be forced to use Apple's hardware.
Apple wants to control both the hardware and software.
This is why Apple's devices unfairly dominate the market and they are able to get away with high prices


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Feb 20, 2014
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I remember when Apple licensed Mac software to other hardware companies so they could make and sell their own Macs. What happened was they were sold at much less than Apple Macs and so cannibalised Apple's own hardware. Who would pay Apple prices when you could be running the same platform for much less. The same would happen with iOS. Often when people compare iOS and Android they are comparing apples and pears (lol) - a cheap Android device against an expensive Apple device. Put iOS on the cheap hardware and it's going to be a very different experience.


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May 11, 2024
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Apple having full control of both software and hardware leads to the iOS experience being better.

I have tried a few different Android phones, and got different experiences with them all... The best experience I have had with Android was from my Google Pixel 8 Pro... Google, who makes Android.

That said, I just roll my eyes at anyone that complains about Apple's walled garden... You have choices... Vote with your wallet. I highly recommend the Google Pixel as an alternative to the iPhone... Heck, I'm on the verge of saying I like my Pixel better than I liked my iPhone.

I do not recommend Samsung's foldables... The technology is just not there yet, and my Flip 3 was an exercise in frustration. A friend told me his Fold 5 is annoying to use, and has a lot of problems when moving between folded and unfolded.