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assigned IP of connected notebook in Tethering always the same?

Peter Steiner

New member
Feb 26, 2014
Assume I connected my notebook by Tethering to Android 7 smartphone.

As I read in Internet the assigned IP4 is always

192.168.43.* for WiFi tethering and
192.168.42.* for USB tethering.

Assume I disconnect my notebook and reconnect tomorrow again.

Is there a built-in rule to always assign the SAME IP to the same connected device?

Or does the assigned IP possibly change from connect to connect?



Trusted Member
Aug 5, 2015
The assigned IP is usually the "first available". Most likely this would be the lowest number available. Assuming your are on a private network, like your house, there is a good chance the small number of devices would get the same IP address assigned to each as long as the times between the connections were relatively short.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
.1 is usually the tethering program itself (called the gateway). Numbers normally get assigned in the order in which they're asked for, as .2, .3, etc., up to .254. So if your notebook is the only thing connecting to your phone, it's always going to get for a wifi connection and for a USB connection.

That's your internal IP address - the one used between the notebook and the phone. Your external IP address, the one the world sees, is the one you'll see if you go to a site like What's My IP Address? - Obsolete Browser Page. Your phone, your notebook and all other devices connected to your phone, on either wifi or USB, will be using that address.