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Jun 5, 2011
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ok so ive been reading on kernels and decided it was time to give it a try. im looking for more battery life at no expense to my performance. current mods.

-sprint lovers rom
- go pro ex launcher
- netarchy toastmod 4.3.4 cfs havs more sbc..(just flashed with sbc)

my problem is, some time ago (before root, march. 11) i could make a battery last all day with normal use.
several widgets, task manager, texting, calling and online use. now i can't make a battery last beyond 5 hours if i try. hence the kernel. so my question is what is working for you guys? ive done a hell of alot of research and i can't figure out what i should do. i am using system tuner to control the phone and super tool box to monitor what the "phone" is doing. ive since ditched the android task manager and my daily usage consist of pandora at work, and 2 widgets that dont refresh unless i tell them too. i keep my cpu at stock settings, unless i need the extra kick. but ive taken notes on settings and tried different things and i can't figure out where the hell my batt is going.. please any input would help.


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Apr 4, 2011
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I tried that sprint lovers rom for about three days, the battery life on it was really bad. I flashed a stock rooted 2.3.3 and was happier. although I ended up running Cm7 with Launcher pro so that I could replace the widgets that I like about sense; like the people, calendar and friend stream. the up side is that the rom it's self is under 100 mb even with the gapps it's not much more. I use a gapp that has vvm in it as well. very happy now. :cool:


Aug 11, 2011
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Ive tried CM7 with tiatmat kernel & its a good rom combo & currently im running on Decks GB 1.3d with GB 2.3.5 with salvagezen & so far its doing some wonders. I tried running it with tiatmat kernel but it was heating up very quickly. Heres some links if your interested on trying some new roms & a new kernel:

Gingerbread-Evo-Deck [1.3D][2.3.5]:
[8-20-11][ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.3d][2.3.5 beta] - xda-developers

SalvageZen kernel:
[KERNEL][AOSP][] - Savaged-Zen v2.2.1! [HAVS+CFS/BFS!] UPDATED 6/1! - xda-developers

For cyanogen mod 7 just go out to their website & look up your phone on their list & get the latest cm7 if you like. From what i know the nightlies are just as good as stables but you need to be sure which build is good since often times nightly builds are very unstable & often times theyre as stable or more stable than the latest cm rom. Happy flashing!

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