Assistance required for finding an Android game played years ago! H>E>L>P :D

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Hello everyone! Please assist in finding a game i played a few years back and now I cannot find it on Android Play Store anymore. It could be 5-6 years back, by that time I used to play Punch Quest/ Swords and Sandals as well and by going to recommended games I ended having this one installed. I remember it was a 2D game, like Rayman but didn't have any verticality, you would move by holding/ tapping the finger on the right side of the screen. The main characters from the logo were a Viking (warrior) with a 2hand sword and a Mage (dressed in red, with a wand). You would play with only one per level, and it would auto attack monsters in proximity. I remember the Viking had a spell that called lightning where u casted it and you had to defeat monsters that would come in waves from the right side of the screen and also had to destroy 3 tower-like creatures per level that would spit poison. For talents, the mage could summon some fiery minion and had frost nova and the viking could have lightning and 1h + shield or 2h. Hope it makes sense for someone here :D. Thanks and Stay epic!


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Dec 6, 2011
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If the game still exists, you have to realize that not all developers are created equal and some do quit updating and/or pull their games from the Play Store, you should be able to go to your apps list at the Play Store. To do this, open the Play Store>touch your avatar that appears next to the search field>Manage apps & games>Manage>use the pull down menu by touching Installed and select Not installed>then either search through the list or select Games to only view games that you've installed. This list will show you everything you've ever installed that is still available at the Play Store. Be warned though, this is a list of everything you've ever installed on any tab or other Android device and some items may not be compatible with your current device or OS. I had a game that I kind of liked and would download it here and there on different devices until one day when I couldn't because it was for an older OS version.

Best wishes.

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