Asus X205 vs The World


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Aug 9, 2013
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Asus 11.6" Laptop Intel Atom 2GB Memory 32GB Flash Memory X205TA-RHATMN01 - Best Buy

Get it while you can, $99 for the best steal of 2014.

I showed this to my coworkers, and the majority of them scoffed and laughed at the specs. "Intel Atom for a laptop? Only 2 GB of RAM?! Terrible specs for a Windows laptop!"

What they don't understand is that for $99, this device will body-slam everything in its pricepoint. Don't compare it to a $1000 ultrabook, because that's not what it's supposed to be. Instead, what it is, is a $99 dream machine.

Want the ultimate $100 streaming box? Forget Apple TV, forget the Chromecast, forget the Fire TV, and even forget the Roku - NOTHING beats a Windows PC when it comes to streaming. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go - the Asus X205 can do it all.

Want a portable media server? Download whatever you need on every storage format (except for optical discs) and you're good to go. USB drives, external hard drives, microSDs - the Asus can do it all.

Want a cheap video game console? Keep your expectations in check (and bring all your emulators and ROMs) and the Asus makes the Ouya look like an overpriced joke. And because Windows 8.1 is x86, you can install PC games and Steam.

Want a laptop? A netbook? A $99 CHROMEBOOK even? Install Chrome and run it as Windows 8 mode and BOOM now you've got Chrome OS. Not that you'd want to anyways, since IE is significantly faster than Chrome. And if you need more functionality than Chrome OS has to offer, you can always switch back to Windows.

The awesome thing about the Asus is that it can do nearly ANYTHING because it's running full Windows 8.1 - and I won't lie, the $99 price makes it freaking awesome as well.


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Mar 20, 2014
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I wish they had this deal a few months ago when I bought the similar Acer version.

Sadly it's sold out online and everywhere else is back up to $199, I know a few family members who would of liked this.

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