asus Zenfone 2- russian characters display in file properties


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Apr 15, 2015
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I am using this phone now, that is new to me. And everything is wonderful, except one thing

I copy music to it from computer, where properties such as artist, album, etc.. are written in Russian. They appear as gibberish when viewed on the phone. Same problem viewing either Amazon music, Asus music or Google player. (installed on the phone)
What confuses me, even more is this: When I view files located on the phone storage using windows explorer - I see the same gibberish in properties. But on the same computer, using same windows explorer files located on the PC Hard drive are seen with normal property values.
What is the issue? Am I missing fonts on the phone? Then what is the problem with windows explorer acting up?

Please help. I haven't had this problem with either Samsung Galaxy 2, nor with HTC One of a 3-4 year old age.