AT&T IMS Message Backup and Z Fold 3


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Jun 8, 2017
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I'm uing a Fold 3 on AT&T. The message backup is awful and will run forever, drain your battery, and then fail. I had this with my last phone and research showed that almost everyone had the issue. Before I just turned it off, and then shut off notifications from it telling me it failed and all was well (messages backed up by Samsung anyhow). Now on the Fold, same thing happens, but when I block the notification, instead of getting your typical notification, I get a giant black screen telling me it has failed and I have to dismiss it to use the messages app. And it just keeps coming back as it keeps failing. So I thought I'd be smart and disable the AT&T back up. Now I just keep getting hammered with a similar black screen telling me my AT&T Message Backup is turned off and I should turn it on. I've called AT&T repeatedly and just get put on holds when I tell them the problem (I'm assuming because they don't know what to do). It's a real dirt bag move to get around me blocking the notification and everyone knows they know the service doesn't work. Does anyone know how to remedy this for once and all?