AT&T Wants More Money


Nov 19, 2009
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Boy do I think this is a mistake by AT&T. Yep, 3% of your users take 40% of your bandwidth. Those 3% are the ones who use your phone to the fullest. They show it off. They post on blogs and forums. They sell your devices for you-- for free. They are doing all the things with it you told them they could when they bought it. Nope-most users won't broadcast live on Ustream, listen to Pandora all day, use augmented reality apps, or watch HD programming. The ones who do though will show it off a ton and sell more devices for you. Go ahead and charge them more-- as long as other carriers don't follow suit, you will lose customers to Android, WebOS, BB, and WinMo.

Charging customers more because you want to discourage them from using the network you built that cannot support the devices you put on it and sold them is just bad business.

Chris Kerrigan

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Nov 16, 2009
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I could not agree with you more. AT&T supposedly, at least according to their newest add campaign, sports itself on having the most popular Smartphones (which in reality, we all know the only one they are referring to is the iPhone). So, you're going to punish the people who give you the most out of their pocket? I'm really beginning to think AT&T prides itself on being considered one of the most customer unfriendly carriers out there.

It's not the users fault that AT&T can't build and maintain a network that can handle so much data traffic. Especially seeing as how they are the second largest carrier in the United States, that's just flat out pathetic.


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Oct 24, 2008
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I honestly do not see this happening and if it does the amount some users may be using are amounts that 99% of people never ever use. Just my educated guess.