att htc one x died


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Mar 11, 2011
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I was playing Arcane Legends yesterday and had it plugged into my car charger. Heard a text come through so I hit the home button. Phone reset , showed HTC bootup screen then went blank. Tried to reset several times and even put against air conditioner in case it overheated. No dice.

Drove to device support center a mile away thankfully and he charged it for 10mins but no red indicator light came on and resets didn't work. Serial number HT24 One X was dead :(

Got a new one with sn ht28 and 2.2 already loaded. So far so good. Tech said the mix of me charging it with a rapid car charger, which is known to heat up the phone, and playing a graphics intensive game overloaded the processors or RAM. Also said it might turn on again but I haven't been called about it. There goes a months worth of pics I didn't save in dropbox.

End of sad story.