Audio App that has sleep timer and 10-30 sec skip?


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Apr 28, 2014
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I use Pocketcasts for my podcasts, and I use Audible for my Audible audiobooks. But I also have a handful of audiobooks that I own and they're in the Google Play "cloud." But when listening to them through the Google Play Music app is a lot harder because that app doesn't have a Sleep Timer (minor annoyance) and it doesn't have "skip" buttons. So if I miss something because someone started talking to me and I didn't pause it in time, or I just didn't understand something, I have to pull out my phone, open the app, and try to scrub backwards a TINY bit on a 10-20 minute file... With Pocketcasts and Audible, I can just tap the rewind button on my Bluetooth headphones or my car Bluetooth, and it will jump back a few seconds. It's even worse when I ACCIDENTALLY hit the rewind or fast forward buttons...because then I have to figure out where in that 20 minute file I was.

Is there a app that will work like that, but still allow such easy downloading to my phone by using my Google Music on the cloud? I've found audiobook players that would work the way I want, but require me to plug my phone into a PC. I got rid of Apple because that's how THEY work... I love the cloud storage for audio and being able to have any of my own files anytime, anywhere...

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