Australia... I got my Nexus 4...


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Nov 2, 2012
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Case. I got my nexus 4 case... which i ordered the day the nexus ran out of stock nov 13 and hasn't been stocked since in Australia in hope it would return soon.
Now now, In a slight pickle. I got a new digitizer n lcd for my old **** wildfire so it works again, i feel bad getting a new phone as its working but the digitizer always breaks + also want the nexus 4. This isn't the real pickle, my girlfriend of a few years, desperately wants this ball dress same price as the nexus kinda... we were both going to order it. I have money for both but since her mum doesn't want to pay for the dress I am considering buying her the dress (shes refusing to let me and wanting to give up her n4) if she doesn't get the n4 i will feel bad having one and vice versa ha.

so the optionsptions
A) Commit to the old now working phone*
B) Both Upgrade / See if she gets an affordable dress*
C) She Upgrades / I buy dress for her without knowledge.*
D) I updgrade / she buys dress / she gets my old mobile.
E) Try and find one of the two dresses we were looking at from peers harder.*

* most preferred i think
Its not that we both need the phone, its a nice luxury to have. I feel in love with it once my phone stopped working but its hard to justify now. I will probably commit to us both with the phone. I have to funds to buy all but I just can justify spending too much. It is a cheap phone though.


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