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My s7 edge does this very annoying thing that I cannot figure out how to stop. I have the auto update feature off and I mean the system update, I keep searching my problem and people seem to have it with the apps auto updating, my system updates without me telling it to. I really dont care about updates im not a tech guy so they sit there for a long time and it always keeps a notification that an update is ready and I hit "remind me later" everytime and then after like 3 of those it gives me the only option but to continue with the system update. Its REALLY inconvenient when in the middle of the day your phone all of a sudden is like "btw im gonna be totally unusable for the next 30 minutes without any warning". Does this happen to everyone that ignores the updates like me? Its not like its there for ages either, this last time that sent me over the edge was on for 2 days before it just forced an update on me just now. Whats the deal?


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Sep 28, 2013
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Although I have my security policy updates set to auto update via wifi only, I've never had a problem postponing updates until a more convenient time. Most updates are bug fixes and security patches to improve the operating system.


Feb 23, 2011
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This is known to happen. Verizon phones seem to be especially bad about it, and has happened to every phone (none of them Samsung, btw) I've owned.