Autobackup stops after 1000 in gallery


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Feb 24, 2011
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So I noticed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my wife's Note 2 that autobackup in the gallery does not show any more then 1000 autobackup pictures. So basically after 1000 the autobackup ceases to work on the phones. Looking at google+ all my photos are being backed up. This is different then my Nexus 7 which shows 1140 but when you select the folder, the only thumbnails that show up are the newer 1000. The older 140 show up as blank boxes.

Is anyone else noticing this and is there a workaround in getting this fixed?

After searching the forum, this is the only post relating to this issue.

Update: I discovered that my old Galaxy Nexus goes over 1000 so this must be a conscious decision by Samsung to limit it for their new phones.
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