Autobrightness not avaliable anymore

Robert Brus

Jul 15, 2015
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My tablet was acting funny so I shut it down and noticed that the screen was really bright. I went to the notification panel and instead of an autobrightness checkmark, there is an outdoor mode checkmark. Even when I go into display settings it still isn't there. What can I do?

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Mat 905

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Sep 6, 2016
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I'm writing this post, because I ran into the same problem and it really took me some time to figure out, what had happened.
So, the annoying problem was: Checkbox for auto-brightness was gone, instead there was a checkbox for an outdoor-mode (15 minutes max. brightness). The auto-brightness didn't work at all. :(
In the end I understood, my device's light sensor went dead and this is a fall-back mode in Samsung's software for devices that have no light sensor. In fact, not only the light sensor was gone but all sensors. CPU-Z or similar apps didn't show any available sensors: no gyroscope, no mangetic sensors, etc. So, automatic rotation also didn't work. And of course, all those auto-brightness apps wouldn't work, because they need a light sensor.
I've tried a lot: Reboot, reset, factory reset, even an update to Android 6, which was rolled out just when I worked on this problem. No luck. Finally, I've drained the battery completely and waited some time before recharging, and bang: the sensors were back again. And auto-brightness was again available :)
It seems the firmware or the sensor-IC went dead and Samsung's software just doesn't reset it, even on a reboot. :(

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