background / ambient noise issue


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Nov 12, 2009
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So I have tested this to a landline call, a Verizon to Verizon call, an AT&T call, and a T-Mobile call. Background noise comes through louder than the person speaking. Even if the caller is doing something as quiet as typing on a keyboard it sounds like they are smacking their phone around. I talked to a friend that was in a Subway sub shop and couldn't even hear him over the ambient noise. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Also, lately I am hearing an echo of my own voice in calls. I have tried all the temporary solutions to fix this, but nothing is working.

Are any if these issues being fixed in the OTA update?


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Oct 24, 2008
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Some people hear the echo at times which is a known issue that should be addressed in the upcoming update. I personally have not encountered either of your issues. Have you pulled your battery to reset the phone lately?

Marine One#AC

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Nov 19, 2009
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I have exactly the same problem and am on my second phone as a result. The second one has been no better than the first. Right after I got my first phone my wife was her cell phone in a grocery store and the guy next to her sounded as loud as she did. Not sure if the update is going to help. I notice that some phones seem to be worse than others.