Backup problem Hisuite and Huawei p9

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I have stored a backup of my Huawei P9 on my computer for two months and when I try to transfer it back to my phone again (same phone) with HiSuite it won't accept the password I have chosen as I made the backup. The backup was made with HiSuite.

I am 100 % sure that I am typing in the correct password so it seems to be another problem.

The file for Huaweis own Notes/memo app is the most important to me, so if someone knows another way of opening it on computer or on the phone it would be very helpful.

I can open the backup folder on my computer and see all files, the file I need is called memo.db, I think .

Many thanks for all possible help with this! I am prepared to do anything so please hit me with your skills and technical knowledge.