Bad and shallow sound in Samsung OneUi phones


Dec 19, 2016
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Shallow bad in-game and video editor audio qualityOther user who posted this questions on forums since S21 release:

Whenever I listen to music or YouTube or anything besides games the audio quality is fantastic but as soon as you launch a game the sound is distorted and sounds flat and tinny. Tried turning off Dolby Atmos for games but the sound is still terrible. My old p30 pro had the same quality audio whether you were gaming or playing music. Hope Samsung can fix this and make the sound same for games and music!!!!!!!

Link for the post on Samsung Galaxy forums:

My post:


I'm using Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and I have a question about bad audio quality, it's pretty shallow, but it goes to the normal quality when I start to record the game with Samsung screen recorder. All games have this issue. Not only games sound awful but also the video being edited when being played whole in the video editor.

Whole S21 family also suffers from this issues. Nobody has fixed it since S21 launch!

Video 1 link :

Bad/shallow sound

Video 2 link :

Normal/good sound

Link for the post on Samsung Galaxy forums: