Bad audio using Aux in car.

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So I recently had to purchase a new phone quickly and ended up just picking up a cheap prepaid Alcatel IdealXCITE (5044r). I plugged it into my car via an auxiliary cord and turned SoundCloud as well as YouTube on and it worked great. That said when I used the standard Google Music app to play music on the SD card the audio turned from great quality to no bass and I lost 40-60% in volume. I then tried my audiobook app as well and the same thing happened. I even tried downloading and trying out 2 different music player apps and the issue continued. Basically I'm trying to figure out how to fix the audio files from the SD card being played by any app. I will also note that the files themselves are high quality and it is not an issue of the actual files, they work fine over Blutooth as well. I tried a equalizer I could customize with little success. For the life of me I am perplexed.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Have you tried SoundCloud or YouTube since then? Do they still work? If so, the other apps are the problem. If not, the phone had something go bad with it. (Copy a music file from the SD card to /sdcard on the phone. Play them with the same app, one at a time. If they're both low and lack bass, it's not playing from the SD card that's a problem, it's a coincidence. If the problem is still there it would be strange - a sound file doesn't have a different volume if it's on the SD card, and the volume doesn't drop when it's read from the SD card - it's digital, so it should be exactly, to the bit, the same no matter where it comes from.

(I assume that you've turned the volume all the way up in the phone when music that's located on the SD card was playing. Those two buttons do multitasking. With no music playing, they're the ringtone volume. When you're on a phone call, they're the phone volume. When media is playing, they're the media volume.)


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Jul 9, 2018
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So after reading my question there was some awkward/poor phrasing so sorry. I did go in and try YouTube and SoundCloud again. SoundCloud worked fine but YouTube didn't and I'm questioning if it even did before. Either way the fact that one of them has good audio is enough. I placed a few files back on the phone to try and there was also no change in quality. So I have a few ideas and questions. The fact that audio is good with one app leads me to believe this is not a hardware issue like the aux jack itself. That said when plugged into the car the phone goes into headset mode which does change audio optimization. I will include a picture of what I am referring to (the screenshot is when not plugged in an auxiliary connection and changes to "headset" when it is also allowing choice between the 3 options). Could this be the culprit? Is it worth contacting Alcatel about this or will that just turn into them saying to hard reset the phone and getting nowhere? I am going to try some other apps to see if anything changes, maybe I will get lucky on a music player that works someway.


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