Battery charging


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Jun 23, 2011
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I got the maxx two days ago, Did not charge it when i first bought it because I broke my gnex on the job and needed a replacement in the middle of the day. Finally got around to fully charging it the next evening (about 32 hours later). I was watching it while it charged a bit and noticed that at times, the phone charged VERY slowly... Like it took 5 minutes to raise from 55% to 56 % and then jumped to 60% very quickly. Any ideas bout this?

Overall I am very happy with the phone


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Mar 17, 2010
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New device -- the battery chemistry is still fairly fresh so it will charge according to what the charging circuitry in the battery will say it acceptable.

Also the phone will definitely appear to charge slow when going by percentage, but with a 50%+ larger battery than almost every other phone out there, that's to be expected. Assuming identical charge speeds, by the time the Gnex is charged to 100%, the Maxx will be charged to 60%, but will have as much charge as a fully charged Gnex.