battery completely shot


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Dec 27, 2012
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Just got the phone 2 days ago. Yesterday I had to charge it 3 times to last me through the day, which was obnoxious. But that's not even the problem. I charged it overnight, had a text and emails when I woke up, etc. But as soon as I unplugged it, it turned off. Tried pulling the battery out, nothing. When I plug it in, it first shows a gray battery with a frozen spinning circle over it. After a minute or if I try to turn it on, it changes to a full green battery across the whole screen with 5 blinking dots under it. Sometimes it will eventually boot to the lock screen and can be used, and it shows 100% battery. The wi-fi doesn't turn on. And as soon as I unplug it from the wall charger it turns off instantly. Tried factory resetting. Helpppppppp I want this phone to be awesome but no luck so far


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Oct 22, 2012
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Wow! That's sure not typical.
Might try another battery pull; leave it out for 2~3 mins. before re-inserting. Then I would do a factory reset, after you save & backup anything valuable; you can go to to see whats already backed-up. Alas, if no joy, I'd take it back in to where you got it and see if they can either get it working properly, or replace it. If you got it mail order, then another option is to go to: Samsung Support, and try their Live Chat on that page.

Or, by the time you read this . . .someone more knowledge about this stuff than I, will probably have come along to help get you sorted.

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