battery questions! Extended battery + case help. Gorilla vs Lemon 0, etc.


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Mar 6, 2014
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hello, im a new user with quite a few questions built up over time

Seeing as how my phone has LITERALLY saved my life some times (GPS, google maps, being in a non familiar area at night time, you get the idea), I've decided to take safety precautions and be prepared for the future.

1: What is the longest lasting non extended battery? Can anyone recommend any good brands?

2: LemonZero 7000 mah battery vs Gorilla Gadgets 4550 mah battery. Some people say gorilla lasts longer, can anyone confirm? Also is the size of both batteries noticeably different? By size I mean a phone with the appropriate case for a Lemon zero 7000 battery vs a phone with an appropriate case for the Gorilla Gadgets 4550 battery

3: Are there any non bulky and non big batteries that last a long time? like 2-3 days for example? extended or not doesnt matter

4: Are there any good cases, whether extended or normal, that are chargable (as in have a battery in the case themself, to charge your current phone's battery), that are GOOD? Alot of the ones I find on amazon are either extremely expensive or cheap and alot of bad reviews

5: My biggest question: What are the smallest and smoothest cases for the extended batteries listed above? I'm aware the batteries are big, but there's got to be a case out there that's not overly big. I got the Gorilla Gadgets 4550 atm and love it and a Laza rugged fusion case but the thing is the case i got is 1: bulky and 2: rugged as hell. It's such a chore and hassle to take it out of my jean pocket. like it's literally frustrating to take out some times.

thank you!


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Jan 30, 2011
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Your question really isn't Verizon specific, so you might have better luck two levels up in the main S3 forum.

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