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I work in IT at a lawfirm and the last couple of days all the android users have been coming to me asking why their batterys all started draining incredibly fast the past few days and now they need to constantly charge it. I have had at least 6 users report this so far. Something has to be going on with the most recent update but I can’t find any solutions online yet. Are you guys aware of the problem and working on it? I see some posts on here but no reasolutuons. Please get working on this. It’s happening all over!!


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Feb 23, 2011
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Welcome to the forums. To start off, we are all just users and enthusiasts sharing our experiences. We don't have any direct control over app or the OS development. So the best thing to do would be to create a free account so you can reply back with more info.

Are all these users on the same phone? If so, which one(s)?

Are these company issued phones? If so, is there any company issued software on them that pushes updates to everyone at once?

Can you get and post screenshots of some of these phones showing the app usage in the battery stats screens?

We may not be able to fix the issue, but the answers you provide may help us steer you in the right direction. My gut reaction, because it happened to everyone at the same time, is that there was a company related update to an app or something that has a bug in it. So I'd start searching your in-house software first.

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