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Battery stuck on 0%


AC Question

So, dropped my phone in the toilet (only half way submerged, USB port was on the side that didn't get wet) and my phone was unresponsive for several days. I put it in rice for like, 4 days.Yesterday my phone started registering the fact that it's plugged into the wall, but it's not charging. It's been at 0%. So, its off, but when yoh press the power button it shows the %. I've had people tell me that it is just super dead from trying to fix itself (for a few days prior to this, it was stuck on the start up screen) and to just let it sit plugged in for a few days. Is that correct? I'm abroad and I leave my current destination in a few days so I really, desperately, need a working phone. I have a huawei honor 8 lite, for reference.