Battery use percentages questions


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Jan 5, 2011
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Use is to short of a word for the search feature and the first few pages results of threads with the word battery in it are about the general topic of batter life and not what I'm wanting to know. I also hope this is the correct section since it is a combination of the android battery use feature, a battery related application, and possibly even device specific (samsung epic).

Unless I'm mistaken when you charge the device and when it is unplugged from the charger the battery use section under about phone in settings resets and collects new data for the new charge correct? I'm using battery indicator by darshan computing and when the device indicates fully charged battery indicator only indicates 95%. Is it really only at 95% and will trickle up to 100% or is it really at 100% and the report from battery indicator is incorrect? Android assistant by aaron, it doesn't appear it's battery use percentages reset like the settings section one does. Is there a way to do so? It reports ADWlauncher used 7.55% give or take 0.05% before and after charging. And it seems every other listed item retained the percentage it was before and the number of items in the list. I only payed detailed attention to a few items in the list. Which leads to the last questions. Does that mean the custom launcher is using up to 7% more battery than the built in launcher would use? Or does the built in launcher use just as much if I were using it instead? The remaining top usage items are the following:

5.88% dialer
3.79% juiceplotter
3.61% twitter
2.89% market
2.18% weather channel
1.68% battery indicator

Everything else left was 1% or less. Does this mean that these apps running in the background are eating up around 20% of the total charge? In other words if they aren't running in the background or reduced in some way I would get up to 20% longer duration on a single charge? Am I understanding the percentage thing correctly?