Battery will not charge - item covered under warranty but it is a US item and I live in the UK

Craig Kennedy

Feb 4, 2014
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I live in the UK and purchased my tablet from eBay shop Eurotronics on 24/02/2014. The Tab Pro 10.1 was actually an American tablet, as it wasn't yet released in the UK until mid-March (it was my birthday on 28th February and my other half wanted something to give me on my birthday).

Any how the tablet came on time and received it and it was working ok, then I noticed that the battery was charging painfully slowly. The charger that came with it was obviously a US charger so I couldn't use it, but I have tried my android phone charger (I use for my HTC One without problems) and it won't charge it past 10% after about 4 hours charging, and plugging it into my laptop with the usb cable doesn't work any better. I've ordered a new charger that is yet to come and I hope that may help. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

I figured the sooner I act the better, so I contacted Samsung (UK) and gave them my details and whatever and they said that they can book it in for repair as it is covered under warranty, etc etc. But then I receive another phone call saying as the item has a US serial code it cannot be returned and fixed within the UK, and that I will have to contact the US centre and probably have to pay for it all?? Is this correct? The woman told me the software and hardware is completely different - surely not when it is the same tablet? Has anyone else experienced "trans-atlantic" warranty issues with Samsung?