BB Bold 9700, Milestone right for me?


Feb 7, 2010
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Im usually on My first phone was a BB tour > BB bold 9700 > Storm 2 > Bold 9700.

That was all in 6 months. Im pretty happy with the bold but ive been interested in android for a while. The things i use my phone for are:

-BBM (willing to give it up though)
-RSS Feeds (Needs to be good, i read alot of RSS feeds, use viigo right now)
-To Do lists (need categories and stuff pretty simple)
-google maps

and thats about it.
Other than that good keyboard is essential. I doubt anything will match the bold 9700 but im willing to use something not as good as long as its decent. Mostly interested in the milestone because of the big screen.

Has anyone here switched from a 9700? and are u happy with the switch?

Cory Streater

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Sep 21, 2009
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Welcome to the Android Central forums, arekien!

There are so many of these threads, that we try to keep them in the cross gadgets sub forum.

Most of the feedback I've read from people who've made the switch from BB to Droid have been positive.


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Nov 2, 2009
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I came from a Blackberry tour but never had a bold so I'm guessing there fairly close in performance. The only thing I missed about the tour is the keyboard short cuts and typing with 1 hand. I very happy with the Droid its much faster at almost everything and very stable. The screen is amazing and the virtual keyboard is pretty good, better app's and very customizable.

The texting and email on the blackberry are a little better IMO. Gmail on the Droid is just as fast as the Blackberry but other accounts you will see a delay.

RSS and To Do list are better on the Droid and Maps is leaps and bounds ahead of any Blackberry on the market. I think anyone coming from any Blackberry will be very happy with the Droid/Milestone unless you don't like touch screens.


Feb 7, 2010
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Ya, it sounds pretty good for me after reading a couple more reviews.

All i use is gmail. my school email and any other emails all forward to my gmail and i dont even log into any other inboxes.
How is the gmail app on the phone? Can u star and label and stuff?

The only thing im a bit worried baout is the keyboard, but from what ive read it looks pretty good. Also the swype keyboard for android looks amazing :).

Im basically sold on it, just waiting til feb 18th when telus gets it here in canada. (milestone for me, but im pretty sure its the exact same thing, only differences are native multitouch and no google navi :().
-no google navi is a bit of a let down but i dont use gps that much so its not that big of a deal. As long as the google maps app has transit times im good.

EDIT* nvm, theres a hack to get google navi on the milestone :)
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